Insome instances, our real estate agent and full management service may not be a great fit for you: perhaps you’re located in an area we don’t support quite yet, or you’re looking to purchase the home and manage it predominantly yourself.  Not to worry, we can still help.  With over $30M+ of Assets Under Management and having executed 100+ real estate deals across Airbnbs, Flips, Rehabs, Tax sales, we have strong expertise in real estate investing.

We offer investment consulting services, whether you are looking to purchase an Airbnb investment, or turn your home into an income-generating property and not sure where to start, how to get bookings, get 5 star reviews, have returning / repeat guests year after year, or create a network of support staff. We'll guide you on all of your investment lifecycle needs.

We offer some of the following services as part of our investment consulting services.

  • Evaluate your RoI for your existing or potential purchase from a revenue and cost standpoint(mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, supplies, cleaning, maintenance, site listing fees, vacancy, eg; taking into account occupancy, ADR (average daily rate) fluctuations for seasonality, weekday vs weekends, length of stay, gap nights, regulatory concerns, etc.
  • Evaluation of market and comparable as well as general trajectory of the area in light of Covid, post covid, travel, leisure, eg
  • Evaluation of market value: Cap rate, NOI, IRR, for existing or planned purchase property
  • Discussion of ownership structures and considerations
  • Tax, insurance and regulatory requirements: Review local requirements pertaining to your listing
  • Optimizing your listing’s performance: Images, descriptions, calendar, and proprietary specifics (amenities, house rules, eg)
  • Providing templates: For inquiries, discounts, booking confirmations, day-after-arrivals, day-before-departures, post-stay reviews,
  • Guidance on advertising your property, including booking channels
  • Design & Staging: Guidance on design and staging for your home including updates and improvements, furnishings recommendations, vendors and third party merchants. (No discounts or trade leveraging).
  • Damages & Deposits: Guidance on handling damages, damage claims and deposits
  • Cancellations: Handling cancellations, selecting cancellation policies, rebooking guidance
  • Setting up automated Dynamic Pricing + Manual price optimization; to adjust for price based on season, week day, inquiry activity, comparable home prices and calendars
  • Guidance on maintenance, cleaning and Vendor support (sourcing, guidance on protocols, structuring costs and payments, scope of work, discounting) and generally optimizing your workflow. May also include troubleshooting and problem solving assistance
  • Additional support as needed on a case by case basis as determined and agreed upon by each of us
  • This service does not cover us managing guest communications nor are we managing your actual online profiles.

Disclaimer: Neither Nicasa nor its executives, officers or directors are performing or providing real estate brokerage, legal or tax counsel to you. At no time shall any of its services be utilized to facilitate such undertakings.  All risks associated with the property, including purchase, management, sale, reservations, third party vendors, tax, insurance, accounting and any other matter involving you and/or a property discussed by us are entirely at your sole discretion and risk.